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What is the Armed Forces Tribunal?

Established on August 8, 2009 by the Armed Forces Tribunal Act, the armed forces tribunal is a statutory body spread across 11 locations or benches in India. The most active benches are Delhi, Chandigarh, other regions include Lucknow, Kolkata, Jabalpur.

An example tribunal judgement from the Lucknow region.

Tool details

Sentinel is a tool to assist with navigating the Armed Forces Tribunal system in India. Currently, the tool implements a reverse document search, allowing users to upload a PDF of a tribunal case and find similar cases, displaying case details, a summary of the case, and a link the other judgements.

It is our hope that by allowing users to find similar cases, we can bring to light systemic issues in the tribunal system, and help users navigate the system.


  • Only Chandigarh region currently indexed
  • Embeddings used for similarity search only use the first ~6000 words of the judgements
  • Case summarization is currently very slow, delaying results delivery